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The BRRRR months! When there’s a nip in the air that slides into down-right chilly as the months continue until everything is BRRRR and COLD! (If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, that is!) I LOVE as seasons change, one to another.

I had never heard the phrase before, but I like it!

It so describes what I feel at this moment!

After months of REALLY HOT weather, it’s soooooooo nice to walk outside of an evening, feel the coolness embrace me, and to sit and enjoy the drizzle of rain. It makes me very happy, especially since it’s now flannel weather!!! I LOVE FLANNEL!!!!!

So what else do I like as autumn arrives?

The changing of colors, the taste of apples and cranberries and pumpkin. Hot drinks of cocoa, tea and coffee that warm the hands as well as the tummy. Bundling up in sweaters, hats and scarves when I sit outside. The change into a new season.

But most of all I think I like it because Life seems to shift pace as days get shorter and the weather gets colder. We enjoy the majesty of being in nature and we spend more time inside, with Loved Ones, relaxing and resting our Spirits.

As I sit here typing this, I hear rain- Blessed Rain- outside. I always feel so cozy and warm and LOVED when I get to be safe in my Home listening to the rain. It’s like a special gift from God, reminding me of His Love, His care, and His Blessings.

I’m going to finish off this post so I can go curl up under a warm blanket with my husband and kitties, and just revel in my Love for God and His Love for me!

During these BRRRR Months, I encourage you to look around at the Blessings God is sending you. Let your rhythm of Life follow the season, rest your Spirit and slow down your pace to enjoy God’s gifts, most especially your Loved Ones!

Sending you warm, cozy hugs! -Billie


God’s Light from Pixers.us

Sweater Weather from barefootblondehair on instagram

My Truck (I WISH!) found on suburbenmen.com

Fall Romance, Enjoying the Rain and Puppy Love found on Pinterest

Cozy Inside from Graziella Bracchi on twitter

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