Hey- there!  Let’s try something a little different this week.

I would like to start off this post by asking you to think about a time when you gave someone a special gift.  If you have children, imagine their face and excitement when they received it.  Or think of how a spouse or someone else close to you reacted from a present that touched their heart.

Recently I sent my daughter her very special quilt that I made her to go on her bed in her new Home.  She didn t know I was sending it but her fiancee did, and he filmed her response.  Oh my goodness!  Talk about a moment that touched her heart!  She hugged it tight to her, and the look on her face was one of pure Joy.  I sent her the gift but I also received a gift in her response!  It meant the world to her.  The same day, my future son called me Mom for the first time, and I was overwhelmed with Joyful tears.  What a precious gift he had given me!

Gifts come in all sizes and forms.  Some come from stores and cost money  Others are actions of Love, words that Bless your Spirit, or the feelings you get when with someone you know Loves you.  But the gifts that come from the Heart often touch both the one giving the gift, as well as the one receiving it.  That’s the extra Blessing God bestows upon us as we share His love with others.


Each day, God has created Blessings and gifts for us, His Beloved, the children of His heart! Some days we see them, and other times we don’t.  But sometimes . . . sometimes the gifts are so overwhelming that we can’t help but receive them with arms open wide, thanking Him for such amazing presents!

I had one of those days today!  I am on vacation to visit the above mentioned kids, and they had a marvelous Adventure planned for me that they KNEW I would Love.  (They were right!)

The holidays are coming, and this is my first year as an Empty Nester.  They knew I was missing Fall and Halloween activities with my daughter so they had planned a WONDERFUL day for me!  They took me to an orchard with a pumpkin patch and a corn maze!  (My first- only got lost some but we made it out!)  What a special treat!  Not only did I get to share with my daughter something we enjoy doing together but I also got to experience Fall and Halloween with my new son for the first time!  We had so much fun on our outing, had tasty apples, cider and honey, and came home with pumpkins for Halloween and a TON off apples to make into tasty treats!  (Not literally a ton, but a lot!)  More importantly, we came Home with precious memories.  There was laughter, sunlight, cuddles and Love, plus great weather!  What more could we ask for?

Several times I felt God’s Love wrapped around us!  He was there helping us navigate the maze, in the cute little kids lining up their pumpkins, and in the sunlight shining on my face as I turned Heaven-ward to thank Him for the gift of the day, of my children and their Love, and this opportunity to do something fun and new and special!


Here’s what I want you to take-away with you from today’s post.

My children knew in their Hearts that I would be so Blessed to share this Adventure with them.  They wanted to be with me, and give me an experience and a memory that I would treasure always.  And it meant the world to me!

You should have seen my daughter’s face throughout the day when she would look over at me, and see me all bubbly and bouncy.  Not only did they have so much fun experiencing THEIR first Fall outing together, but it made them VERY HAPPY to see me so happy!

And . . . God LOVED the day with us together!

You know, it’s His world!  This wonderful place with sweet tasting caramel honey, delicious apples picked right off the tree, the bright orange pumpkins scattered though out the fields!  But even more importantly, He gave us the Love in our Hearts, He made us Family, and it brought Him SO MUCH JOY to see us enjoying our day together, and the Blessings He had scattered about like jewels shining in the sun!  Today, we were shining in His Sonlight!  Just like we Love it when we make others happy with presents of time, effort, or items, so does He value and cherish those times when we give ourselves up to the gifts He gives, and thank Him for such Blessings!

What about you?  When have you recently given yourself to experiencing and enjoying the gifts He gives?  Each day has gifts for us to receive.  Some are tiny little ones that you have to keep your eyes open to see.  Others may be wrapped in such a way that you don’t realize that Blessings are within, while others are neatly gift wrapped with a GIGANTIC BOW on top that you can’t miss!  You can, however, refuse to open God’s presents.  Please accept the gifts He has picked special for you, His Beloved!  Open your Heart to Praise Him for them, and share these sacred, ho;y times with Him!

P.S.  No pictures yet to accompany this post because I AM ON VACATION ENJOYING THE DAYS!!!!  (Without my computer complete with images and easy access to sharing them in this blog!)  I will get some up in a week or two so please check back!  But for now, I wanted to share with you these thoughts so you can start looking for your own special treasures!

Enjoy opening your presents this week!  -Billie

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