Okay; got it out of my system!  Thanks.

You having one of those days too?  Or weeks, months, or maybe even years?  I’m sorry to say but, it happens.  That’s just part of Life.  And I hear you-  it just makes us TOTALLY CRAZY sometimes!

“What is IT,” you ask?  Well, that varies for each of us, and it varies throughout our lifetime.  Basically, IT is anything that throws us or our routines into a loop.  Tests at school, someone gets sick, we need money, we have just way too much stuff to do and not enough time to do it in.  You name it, there’s probably a stress to go with it.

There was nothing major or life-threatening for me today, although I have had those days.  No, today was just a combination of tired, over scheduled, and not being able to prioritize very well.  I felt like I hit the floor running, and everything was totally NOT what I had planned for.

Can you relate?

Part of it is that we get plans in our heads, and it’s hard for us to shift tracks when things get derailed.  Or maybe we FINALLY have it all together with where we’re at for the moment when suddenly it changes, and we’re still trying desperately to do what worked before, or what we think should work.

So what do we do?  Instead of constantly battling, or falling apart, what can we do when we are having one of “Those Times?”


It shouldn’t come as any surprise but it still does.  WE ARE NOT NEARLY AS IN CONTROL OF OUR LIVES AS WE THINK WE ARE!  Yes, there are most certainly things we can control-  what we eat, how we treat people, our work ethic, etc.  But we can’t control Mother Nature, or when we get sick, other people’s actions, or life over death just to name a few.

So as difficult as it is for us to accept, the reality of our lives is that they will go much smoother if we don’t continually fight and expect to control the things we really can’t.  (Save your energy for what you CAN control!)  I HATE not being in control!  But let’s face it, when I get sick or injured, I can try and push on as if nothings happened.  I can moan and wail because it’s unfair.  Or I can accept the situation, and make the best of it, see the Blessings still around me, and trust that God is still working in my Life, for me and through me!

*God’s in Control


The truth is, we’re always changing in this Life.  Many of us like the predictable, and want our lives ordered.  But things change.  We grow up, get married.  We change jobs, get older.  We have pets or kids, people come and go in our lives.  So many changes.  And here again, we can cling to what was, what we want, what we expect . . . or . . . we can realize that Life has changed, re-establish ourselves, learn to see what is good in this new place we find ourselves.  As scary as the unknown is, sometimes it’s less exhausting or stressful that trying to fit yourself into a Life that has changed.

*The cool thing, though, is that God NEVER changes.  We can always count on Him and His Promises!


We all know that stress is bad for us.  Okay, not when a tiger is chasing you because it makes you move out of a dangerous situation.

But in general, stress is not good for your body, your emotions or your Spirit.  It makes everything harder to deal with.  Especially if we are in a constant state of stress.  God never intended us to live that way.  He wants us to rest, to sleep well at night, trusting in Him.  But how do we NOT stress?  Or at least minimize the stress?

Well, I’m going to share with you some things I have learned over the years.  I come from a family of major-worriers, and I stress.  But I have learned things that help.  I’m going to call them Power-Ups or Energizers, things that will help you de-stress, and bring positive energy back into your Life.  But first, we need to think about our Sinkholes, our Energy-Zappers, those things that drain the energy out of us, and lead us into stress and despair.

Please take a few minutes to think about what kinds of things steal your energy from you.  (Writing them down somewhere helps.)  Driving in rush hour, being hungry, dealing with certain people, being around crowds. having your living-room floor dirty, being constantly on the go, whatever they are, IDENTIFY THEM!

Now you have an idea about your Energy-Zappers so avoid them if you can!  If you can’t, 1.) you can prepare ahead of time if you know they are coming, and 2.) you can have techniques for dealing with them while they happen or after the fact.  These would be your Energizers.

Think about things that bring you Joy, lighten your Heart, or help you during rough times.  Talking with God, or just BEING with God are vitally important here!  Being around people who bring Sunshine into your Life, relaxing to your favorite tunes, petting your cat, being in nature, whatever they are, please write them down!

THIS is your arsenal of weapons to use when dealing with Energy-Zappers!  For example, I used to ALWAYS wear my favorite dress when going to take a test because it made me feel confident and beautiful.  Plus, all the friends I saw along the way told me how nice I looked!  Major Power-Up!  Think of which things will help you before, during and after major stressers in your Life.

This takes awareness.  You have to choose how to react.  But only God knows your body better than you, so pay attention to it, and do what you can to help you in stressful situations!

I Hope this gives you some food for thought.  You’re going to have “Those Times.”  How you deal with it will make the difference between being overwhelmed or going with the flow.  For me, I am again changing priorities in my Life.  A new job and a husband awaiting surgery remind me that this is not the time to be hugely social or investing myself in major projects.  Those times will come-  in their own time.  For now, I need focus on how Blessed I am to have a job that I Love, and to be here for my husband, and with him, because he means the world to me!  Thus I will let go of trying to control so much, of trying to live up to my own unrealistic expectations for this stage of Life.  I will try to avoid things that drain my energy, and will instead focus on those that fill me with energy.

And most of all, I will trust God.  I hope you can do the same.

Blessings,  -Billie


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