Hey guys, I am really, REALLY sorry that Sonshine Celebrations has been on hiatus for so long.  There were a couple of interesting elements that came into play causing my absence.

1.)  My website actually was hijacked, and it took a while for my Techno Wizard to get things straightened out.

2.)  God’s timing was interesting, though, because I actually needed a break from doing the blog for a bit.

3.)  And it turns out, amazing God that He is, He KNEW what the last several months held in store for me, so God was clearing some space in my calendar for other situations that would be coming up.

End result, I took a break for a bit BUT NOW I AM BACK!!!!!  I have missed writing blog posts, and have TONS of stuff to share with you!  I can’t guarantee it at the moment, but I will TRY to have something new up on Saturday mornings.  They won’t all be intense messages, and I may miss some weeks, but I want to try and share some more of God’s Love with you through this blog.

As always, this site is to share God’s Love, to encourage you, and to bring wholesome Joy to people. And yes, my temporary sabbatical was truly a Blessing from God.


As I said, I had already decided to take a break from Sonshine Celebrations for awhile before I got hijacked.  (And THANK YOU, GOD, that we are now back to our wonderful “normal” self!!!!)

Why a Sabbatical?  Well, Sabbatical comes from the same root word as Sabbath.  And I was in desperate need of some Sabbath rest in my Life!  Nothing bad was happening, just LOTS of stuff!  In order to maintain my sanity, as well as renew myself in the Lord, I chose to take some time off.  And now, my blog is fixed, and I have lots of new, inspired HOPE to share with you!

It also turned out, that while I was on Sabbatical, my Dad had a heart attack, and surgery, so we have been dealing with all of those issues.  He is doing better, but it was also a HUGE Blessing, to have some more freedom so that I could be here for him.  And while God has been working to heal my Dad, He has also been teaching me new lessons, and growing me.  So yeah, there are LOTS OF TOPICS up ahead in the makings!!!!

For now, can you please pray for me, my Family and this website?  I’m calling my Prayer Warriors in here to help!  Because we KNOW that God listens to our prayers!

1.)  Please pray for Sonshine Celebrations, that God’s Love shines forth from it, and that these words are a beacon of Hope to all in need, as well as a reminder of God’s POWERFUL, WONDERFUL Love for us all!

2.)  Please also says some prayers for my Family as we go through these times, and that God guides me and gives me the strength I need to continue sharing His Love, with my Dad, and my Family, as well as others.  (Yourself included!)

3.)  Please think about your own Life, and where it may have been HIJACKED out of your control.  What can you see God trying to do with the situation, and what do you need to be doing?  (And as I am reminding myself, IT IS ONLY WITH GOD’S HELP THAT WE ARE RESCUED!)

4.)  Finally, are YOU in need of some SABBATICAL TIME!?!  Maybe you have lost control of your Life and don’t know what to do.  Please consider taking some time to rest with God, spend time with Him, and take care of yourself so that you can see where He is leading you!  He has plans for you, but He may want you to re-coop your strength in Him before you hit rough waters.

In closing, I Love this Blog, and I LOVE SHARING GOD WITH YOU!!!

Until we meet again, be Blessed my Friends.

And remember, GOD LOVES YOU more than you can EVER imagine possible!  You are WONDERFUL and you are LOVED!!!!!  -Billie


Totally Awesome Pirate image from geek-art.net

Prayer Warrior, Praying Hands, and Message from God found on Pinterest

Why I Decided from foreversunday.org

In the Dark found on Pinterest, Snoopy and Woodstock created by Charles Schulz