Okay, I admit it.

I have not been keeping my body in as good of shape as it needs to be in.

And now it’s come back at me.


If you look back at older posts on Self-Care, you’ll see that I really do understand how important it is to take care of ourselves. In some areas, I have been doing better- drawing boundaries, getting massages, trying to de-stress. But let’s face it- I am really NOT good at eating properly, getting enough good quality sleep, and giving my body the exercise it needs. This entire week has been filled with pain, in my feet, which I stand on all day at work, and in my back, which has had problems in the past. I’m scared. I don’t want to go back to that pain, have it interrupt my life.

I’ve gotten to the point where I KNOW I need to do more, MUCH MORE, to take care of myself! Because I am valuable in God’s eyes, because eventually I cannot take care of others if I do not take care of myself. And because I am important! I need to take care of this precious gift that God has given me, and enjoy the Blessings He gives.

So I know I need to set up the rest of those doctor appointments, really look at and address the health issues I know are there, be proactive. What do I tell others when they are physically and emotionally drained? “You MUST take care of yourself!!!!! You are Loved by so many; they don’t want you hurting and sick and debilitated! They understand that your health should be a priority!” So if I advise that to others, I need to TAKE MY OWN ADVISE!

Ironically, that’s part of what added to this week’s pain. I have decided to take a Qi-Gong class and a Yoga class to help stretch my muscles, give me meditation time, and get in better shape. And I was listening to my body, not pushing it too hard since it’s out of shape. Or at least, I thought I was. But as my husband says, I have Weekend Warrior Syndrome. I pushed too hard when I had been letting my body slide. Now I have pulled muscles! OWWWWWWW!

Okay, so yeah, in the scope of things, that’s certainly not the worst that could ever happen to me. As I gently stretch those muscles, they will get better, they will get stronger. But being physically hurt terrifies me!!! It took A YEAR last time I had issues with my back for it to get to where I could do the stuff I had done before! I don’t want to go back to that place.

It’s also very difficult for me to be the one in bad shape, the one hurting. For decades, it’s been my husband. I have been the one taking care of him. So when it’s reversed, it kind of freaks me out. Fortunately, he’s doing much better these days. The Qi-Gong has really helped him. And we’re a team. Where one is weak, the other picks up the slack. That’s the way God intended it to be, and I am so Blessed to have a husband who cares for me, and takes care of me.

I’ve gotten used to it, though, you know? Being the one taking care of stuff. That’s part of who I have been the past years. . . .No, that’s part of what I’ve DONE in the past years. It does not make up who I am; it is just a part of me. But who am I when I am the one being taken care of, the vulnerable one? Where is my worth, where is my value if I cannot do as much as I used to, the things I used to!?! Does that make me WORTHLESS!?!?!


Well, that just totally looks and feels WRONG when I spell it out like that! BECAUSE IT IS! And I know that in my heart but . . . I must remind myself that I am valuable and Loved and wonderful simply because of the fact that God created ME! HE LOVES ME!!!! It is not my acts or my job or my works that define me. They do not earn me salvation or Love. Those gifts come from God alone, and thank goodness they do because I could certainly NEVER earn them if I had to. I’m only human, flawed, vulnerable and weak. But I am still wonderful!!! And that is a Blessing and a TRUTH that I need to remember. And I need to take care of myself!

But I DO need to take care of myself to the best of my ability. (Or at least start by doing BETTER!!!!) My body and spirit have both been under a lot of stress, and it’s taking its toll. So it’s time to re-evaluate, see what needs care, emotionally, mentally and physically, AND DO IT!

I write about this tonight, because it’s where I’m at tonight. And where I’m sure many others are. We’ve talked about it before. Now I’m reminding myself, and urging you- WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES! Please remember that you are important- to God, to others, and JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU! It’s gonna take small steps, but we need to take care of ourselves.

And when I am hurting or overwhelmed, my mantra is “I trust You, God. . . I trust You God. . . I trust You God!”

If you want, search for self care in the search engine for previous posts. I intend to. Then see what small steps you can take in Faith that your health is vitally important!!!

Good Health to you, and to me! Blessings, Billie

Doctor’s Order’s for Billie

Spend Time with God.


Eat healthy.

Enjoy being outside.

Enjoy being with Loved Ones

Walk and exercise

Set up doctors’ appointments


Signed, -God


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