It was a happy day. It was a sad day.

It was a Holy Day.

The day my Dad died.

It was sad to have my Daddy go.

I will miss his smile that lit up the room.

I want to hear him say “I Love you, sweetheart,” again.

I wish I’d held his hand more,

cried in his arms,

asked for more stories of his Life.

But . . .

It was a Happy Day.

No longer was my Dad in pain,

weighed down by the hardships and trials of this Life.

I sat with my Dad and held his hand.

I listened to his favorite music, and danced.

And I was at Peace.

He was ready to go.

Because . . .

It was a Holy Day!

My daddy went Home to be with God!

The One who Loves him totally

welcomed His Dear Friend

with a HUGE hug, tears in both their eyes!

God’s Love shone bright in those whose lives Daddy had touched.

And I felt God’s Peace envelop me in a wondrous embrace.

I knew my Dad’s deep Love for me;

it reflected the Light of My Heavenly Dad.

His breath stopped,

My Dad was gone, no longer with me in that room,

but in my Heart,

I see his smile, I hear his words, I feel his Love.

Dad lives on in my Family,

and in all those whose lives he touched.

And . . .

We will see him again!

He will swoop me in his arms, and dance with me!

Because God’s got Him now!

And that is a GLORIOUS thing indeed!

I Love you Daddy!

Hey God-

Thank you for my Daddy, and all the time we shared! We had our ups, we had our downs, but most of all there was Love. Thank you for not taking him before now, for giving us more time together, for the healing of hearts and sharing of Love these past few weeks.

Do I have regrets? You know I do. I wish we’d been closer, done more together. But I thank You for all we shared. In the end, he wanted US, his family, and he told us over and over again how very, Very, VERY much he Loved us! Thank you for those Holy, Blessed moments, and for all the years that came before.

I will cry, I will dance, I will grieve, I will Celebrate.

Because my Dad is with YOU, God! And what an amazing miracle that is! Thank you, Lord

You and Dad have fun fishing together! And give him a hug for me please!

I Love you, Lord. -Amen


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