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The BRRRR months! When there’s a nip in the air that slides into down-right chilly as the months continue until everything is BRRRR and COLD! (If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, that is!) I LOVE as seasons change, one to another.

I had never heard the phrase before, but I like it!

It so describes what I feel at this moment!

After months of REALLY HOT weather, it’s soooooooo nice to walk outside of an evening, feel the coolness embrace me, and to sit and enjoy the drizzle of rain. It makes me very happy, especially since it’s now flannel weather!!! I LOVE FLANNEL!!!!!

So what else do I like as autumn arrives?

The changing of colors, the taste of apples and cranberries and pumpkin. Hot drinks of cocoa, tea and coffee that warm the hands as well as the tummy. Bundling up in sweaters, hats and scarves when I sit outside. The change into a new season.

But most of all I think I like it because Life seems to shift pace as days get shorter and the weather gets colder. We enjoy the majesty of being in nature and we spend more time inside, with Loved Ones, relaxing and resting our Spirits.

As I sit here typing this, I hear rain- Blessed Rain- outside. I always feel so cozy and warm and LOVED when I get to be safe in my Home listening to the rain. It’s like a special gift from God, reminding me of His Love, His care, and His Blessings.

I’m going to finish off this post so I can go curl up under a warm blanket with my husband and kitties, and just revel in my Love for God and His Love for me!

During these BRRRR Months, I encourage you to look around at the Blessings God is sending you. Let your rhythm of Life follow the season, rest your Spirit and slow down your pace to enjoy God’s gifts, most especially your Loved Ones!

Sending you warm, cozy hugs! -Billie


God’s Light from Pixers.us

Sweater Weather from barefootblondehair on instagram

My Truck (I WISH!) found on suburbenmen.com

Fall Romance, Enjoying the Rain and Puppy Love found on Pinterest

Cozy Inside from Graziella Bracchi on twitter



Knock Knock!

Who’s There?


Orange Who?


Okay, I admit it-

being inundated with Dad Jokes

sometimes influences my sense of humor!

(Or maybe it was all those years as a Cub Scout Leader!)

ANYWAY . . . . !

October seems the perfect month to Celebrate the color ORANGE!

Sure, it’s a beautiful color the whole year through.

Did you ever get oranges for Christmas in your stocking

or make Orange Pomanders with cloves stuck in them

so the whole house would smell all Christmasy?

Note: Poke holes FIRST with a skewer BEFORE trying to insert cloves!

Or cut grooves in the peel!

Otherwise you get Holy thumbs!!!!

Ha, ha! Dad Humor again!

And I’m the MOM!!!!

ORANGE is also nice for Winter,

blazing in the fires that warm our Hearts as well as our bodies!

And have you ever tasted those Cutey Mandarin oranges?


That sweet taste of citrus, so fresh and bright!

Almost like Liquid Sunshine!

I think we like ORANGE in Winter just because it

brings us Light and warmth,

even in the darkness of the season.

And then you get those gorgeous ORANGE daisies

that herald the coming of Spring!

Just to see their color bursting open in the brown earth

brings Hope with it!

There are also all those GORGEOUS ORANGE Butterflies

that flit and wander, dance in the air,

Rejoicing in the warmth and freedom.

That’s certainly how I feel when I see ORANGE in the Spring!

Next comes Summer.

Imagine those tasty frozen treats

all tart and sweet and refreshing,

clothed in various shades of ORANGE ranging from

pale peach to vibrant to mixed with cherry red.

I Love the taste of mango ice cream,

of Creamsicles and Bullet Pops and Popsicles!

Those tastes mirror our attitudes for the season-

bubbly and excited, invigorating and * WILD! *

Like tropical flowers and fruits:

Reminiscent of a brilliant sunset!

But Fall-  Fall was made of ORANGE!

From the HUGE Harvest Moon that marks the season

all the way through to that last tantalizing bite of

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie topped with whipped cream!

Autumn is when we Celebrate a bountiful harvest,

when we are thankful for the provisions

God gives to get us through the cold of Winter.

Fields are filled with ORANGE pumpkins.

portents of the up-coming Holidays-

for Pumpkin Bread, and Pumpkin Muffins

as well as Pumpkin Pie!

And what would Halloween be without

ORANGE Jack-O-Lanterns and corn candy?

Not just sustenance for our bodies, but fun for our Spirits!

Autumn, when the leaves change colors and Fall to the ground!

Isn’t it amazing how God takes something,

in this case the green leaves of the trees,

changes it to something else wondrous,

such as ORANGE and RED and YELLOW leaves?

Then for a bit, it seems as if the tree dies,

all Life is drained from it,

even as the leaves fall to the ground.

But it is not dead;

it only lays dormant during the next season,

waiting, rebuilding its energy,

until the seasons change,

and once again,

something new and beautiful grows.

The magnificent display of colors seeks to remind me

that in each season of Life, God has plans for me.

Sometimes I bloom and blossom in beauty.

Other times I radiate with vibrancy.

Yet even in those seemingly “dead times,”

God is at work within me,

healing me, preparing me for the season to come.

I can count on that!

Thanks, God!

For You, for Your Miracles,

And for ORANGE!

As Autumn Falls upon us, (Ha, ha!  Did it again!), where do you see God’s promises that darkness will not win out, that Brilliance will return?  As you go through these shortening days, do you see anything ORANGE that grabs your attention? God is here with us, always, in each and every season.  He Loves us, cares for us, prepares us.  I Hope this season brings you Hope blazing forth in the ORANGE surrounding you!

My final thoughts are on comfort and cozydom!  (Maybe not an “official” word, but certainly a Billie Word!)  As the darkness grows longer and the weather colder, we gravitate to warmth, both for our bodies but also for our Spirits!  Bonfires with friends sipping orange and apple cider, kittens curled up in your arms, flannel to cuddle under on a chilly night, all are Blessings of the season.  I Hope yours in bright and cheery and ORANGE!!!!!


Blessings,  -Billie


Harvest Moon found on Pinterest

Pomanders from sjarmerendejul.blogspot.com

Cheery Daisies found on desktopdress.com

Creamsicle from shewonthatblog.com

Sunset from matadornetwork.com

Pumpkin Patch found on flickr.com

Halloween Bat found on Pinterest  (If he’s yours, he’s ADORABLE!!!!!  Thank you for making him!)

Autumn Leaves from telva.com

Orange Flannel found at allwomenstalk.com

Tabby Kitty from cattime.com


I’m a Flannel Girl! In a Flannel World!”

I admit it freely-  I LOVE FLANNEL!!!!  All the time, but
especially now that weather is getting colder!  I think it all stemmed from when I was in college.  My brother accused me of stealing his blue flannel shirt that I kept trying to “Commandeer!”  The accusation was FALSE; the shirt had fallen down behind his dresser!  But I do have to say that over the years, I have been able to persuade a lot of my guy Friends to give me their flannel shirts.  -Come to think of it, though, I don’t think I’ve EVER gotten a flannel shirt from my brother!  What’s up with that?


(*No matter what John Wayne thought! Ha, ha!)

I feel pretty much most comfortable when I am wearing my flannel shirts!  It’s casual, it’s comfy, and I get to relax and just be ME when I am wearing them!  I don’t have to worry about impressing anyone, wearing make-up or fancy clothes, or feeling constricted and “Proper!”  (Ha, ha!  If you know me at all, you know I pretty much don’t worry about ANY of those.  But I do so even LESS when wearing my flannel.)  It’s soft, it’s simple, it’s freeing!

The same goes for when I get Home and slip into my flannel pajamas. That’s how God wants us to be-  He wants us comfortable in our own skin, and comfortable in Him!  So many people get all pretentious and proper, but when you accept who you are, and Love who God made you to be, it’s easier for people to feel comfortable around you, and to have relationships with you.  God made us all to be in relationship, with Him and with others.  I Love the pictures of Brides (and Bridesmaids) wearing flannel.  How relaxed and confident must you be to show that side of yourself on such a special day?  And how wonderful to be Loved and accepted JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!  Just the way God Loves and accepts us all!


I am also a HUGE fan of flannel sheets, pillowcases, quilts and blankets!  As a matter of fact, I have pretty much decided that ALL of the quilts I make for myself need flannel on the backing just cuz it’s so dang soft and cozy!!!!  During the winter when it’s all cold, during the summer when the AC makes the house cool, watching movies curled up on the couch, or tucked up all snug in bed, I LOVE BEING COCOONED IN FLANNEL!!!!  It’s my own little Cozy where I get to relax, be myself, wind down, and bask in the gifts God has given me!

And when I go to sleep at night surrounded by the warm embrace of flannel, I feel God’s arms around me.  His Love and His Peace envelope me, and I know that I can rest comfortably because He is caring for me.  It’s such an AMAZING feeling to be wrapped in God’s embrace, to know no matter what, I am His Beloved.  It is such a comfort knowing that He is near, protecting and watching over me!

I will lie down in peace and sleep, for though I am alone, O Lord, you will keep me safe.”  -Psalm 4:8  (TLB)


I guess I should just say that flannels make me feel HOME!!!  Where I’m most comfortable and happy.  Where I get to relax, unwind and be wrapped in Love.  Where there’s a fire to warm my heart as well as my feet, and candles to fill me with God’s peace.  And what’s really neat is that all those feeling are how I feel about God.

So what do you think?  Can you picture Jesus wearing a flannel shirt, blue jeans and work boots?  I kinda think I can.  Because if ANYONE was ever comfortable with Himself and with who God made Him to be, it would be Jesus!

I hope this post finds you comfortable and happy.  Is there some flannel you can pull out to remind you of God’s Love?  What do you wear when you feel most like who God made you to be?  Flannel may not be your Cozy feeling of Comfort and Home, but whatever it is that makes you feel all warm and toasty and Loved inside, please enjoy it this week and bask in the Father’s Love for you.

To me, flannel is Home, and Home is Holy so


“This is holy ground
We’re standing on holy ground
For the Lord is present
And where He is is holy!”

(Lyrics from “Holy Ground” by Christopher Beatty)

Jehovah God is our light.  I present to him my sacrifice upon the altar, for you are my God and I shall give you this thanks and this praise.”  -Psalm 118:27-28  (TLB)

In His Embrace,  –BILLIE


* John Wayne was called “Comfortable” in “Rio Lobo.”

Fall Porch from cynthiascolorfulmess.com 

Blue Flannel Shirt Girl found on Stylesnooperdan.com

 Flannel Shirt Collection, Beautiful Bride, and Wrapped in Love found on Pinterest 

Cozydom, and Puppy Love from classygirlswearpearls.com