Knock Knock!

Who’s There?


Orange Who?


Okay, I admit it-

being inundated with Dad Jokes

sometimes influences my sense of humor!

(Or maybe it was all those years as a Cub Scout Leader!)

ANYWAY . . . . !

October seems the perfect month to Celebrate the color ORANGE!

Sure, it’s a beautiful color the whole year through.

Did you ever get oranges for Christmas in your stocking

or make Orange Pomanders with cloves stuck in them

so the whole house would smell all Christmasy?

Note: Poke holes FIRST with a skewer BEFORE trying to insert cloves!

Or cut grooves in the peel!

Otherwise you get Holy thumbs!!!!

Ha, ha! Dad Humor again!

And I’m the MOM!!!!

ORANGE is also nice for Winter,

blazing in the fires that warm our Hearts as well as our bodies!

And have you ever tasted those Cutey Mandarin oranges?


That sweet taste of citrus, so fresh and bright!

Almost like Liquid Sunshine!

I think we like ORANGE in Winter just because it

brings us Light and warmth,

even in the darkness of the season.

And then you get those gorgeous ORANGE daisies

that herald the coming of Spring!

Just to see their color bursting open in the brown earth

brings Hope with it!

There are also all those GORGEOUS ORANGE Butterflies

that flit and wander, dance in the air,

Rejoicing in the warmth and freedom.

That’s certainly how I feel when I see ORANGE in the Spring!

Next comes Summer.

Imagine those tasty frozen treats

all tart and sweet and refreshing,

clothed in various shades of ORANGE ranging from

pale peach to vibrant to mixed with cherry red.

I Love the taste of mango ice cream,

of Creamsicles and Bullet Pops and Popsicles!

Those tastes mirror our attitudes for the season-

bubbly and excited, invigorating and * WILD! *

Like tropical flowers and fruits:

Reminiscent of a brilliant sunset!

But Fall-  Fall was made of ORANGE!

From the HUGE Harvest Moon that marks the season

all the way through to that last tantalizing bite of

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie topped with whipped cream!

Autumn is when we Celebrate a bountiful harvest,

when we are thankful for the provisions

God gives to get us through the cold of Winter.

Fields are filled with ORANGE pumpkins.

portents of the up-coming Holidays-

for Pumpkin Bread, and Pumpkin Muffins

as well as Pumpkin Pie!

And what would Halloween be without

ORANGE Jack-O-Lanterns and corn candy?

Not just sustenance for our bodies, but fun for our Spirits!

Autumn, when the leaves change colors and Fall to the ground!

Isn’t it amazing how God takes something,

in this case the green leaves of the trees,

changes it to something else wondrous,

such as ORANGE and RED and YELLOW leaves?

Then for a bit, it seems as if the tree dies,

all Life is drained from it,

even as the leaves fall to the ground.

But it is not dead;

it only lays dormant during the next season,

waiting, rebuilding its energy,

until the seasons change,

and once again,

something new and beautiful grows.

The magnificent display of colors seeks to remind me

that in each season of Life, God has plans for me.

Sometimes I bloom and blossom in beauty.

Other times I radiate with vibrancy.

Yet even in those seemingly “dead times,”

God is at work within me,

healing me, preparing me for the season to come.

I can count on that!

Thanks, God!

For You, for Your Miracles,

And for ORANGE!

As Autumn Falls upon us, (Ha, ha!  Did it again!), where do you see God’s promises that darkness will not win out, that Brilliance will return?  As you go through these shortening days, do you see anything ORANGE that grabs your attention? God is here with us, always, in each and every season.  He Loves us, cares for us, prepares us.  I Hope this season brings you Hope blazing forth in the ORANGE surrounding you!

My final thoughts are on comfort and cozydom!  (Maybe not an “official” word, but certainly a Billie Word!)  As the darkness grows longer and the weather colder, we gravitate to warmth, both for our bodies but also for our Spirits!  Bonfires with friends sipping orange and apple cider, kittens curled up in your arms, flannel to cuddle under on a chilly night, all are Blessings of the season.  I Hope yours in bright and cheery and ORANGE!!!!!


Blessings,  -Billie


Harvest Moon found on Pinterest

Pomanders from

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Sunset from

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Halloween Bat found on Pinterest  (If he’s yours, he’s ADORABLE!!!!!  Thank you for making him!)

Autumn Leaves from

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So, no, here in the southwest, we don’t have nearly as much of the whole leaves changing colors and falling from the trees.  (Another two months- yes.)  But the TEMPERATURE has fallen so I am happy!  I Love all of the seasons, but what’s really cool is that by the time each season rolls around, I am all excited and ready for it!


I was thrilled the other night to walk outside in the evening and feel a chill in the air!  I even got to wear my flannel shirt while sitting outside with the puppy!  During the days, it has been breezy with a nip in the air.  I Love the sound of the Lord singing to me through the wind in the trees.  And while we were out picking fruit at the orchard, sprinkles fell on the leaves creating a gentle Love song.

Not to mention all the WONDERFUL fresh produce and fruit!  We went for apples but ended up with the most AMAZING Asian pears.  (Check out Tasty Foods to see my new Pear Recipe!)  I wish I had gotten lots more pears so we could freeze them to have whenever.  But that’s okay because now I know for next year!  Growing up, my Dad would always stop at the little roadside produce stands and get us sweet corn!  And, of course, it’s officially now “Pumpkin Spice Season.”  And not just for the taste but for the SMELL!!!  (Check out my Pumpkin Muffin recipe from last year!)

I guess that’s part of the fun of fall is all of our senses are involved, as well as our emotions linked to happy memories!  Did you grow up having homemade apple and pumpkin pies?  I did!  So the scent of cinnamon cooking in my kitchen lets me know I am Home.  Or how about when you come in from being all bundled up in your sweaters and scarves to find hot cocoa or cider waiting for you?  (It’s even more special when you drink it out of a special mug!)

I’m a very tactile person-  I Love the feel of fabrics and textures.  When the weather turns cool, there are so many WONDERFUL feels to the season!  Flannel would be my favorite because it’s soft and it looks like Fall!  And what does Fall look like?  Orange and brown and yellow!!!!  Leaves changing colors, pumpkins in the fields, sunflowers along the roadside!

Okay, so I know this post is all over the place but I LOVE FALL, and I am so happy it’s here!!!  Everything about it makes me feel HOME!!!!  Not like Home as a place but like Home in my Heart!  It’s football season- I grew up spending every Friday night at High School football games.  And raking leaves into piles, then scattering them!  To this day, one of my favorite things to do is to walk through a mess of leaves on the ground kicking them up as I go.  What a glorious feeling that is!  How about bonfires and roasting marshmallows?

And it’s just so beautiful and peaceful outside.  I encourage you to take advantage of the season!  Soon winter will be here; it is already here in some places actually.  But while you can, please enjoy the Blessings of Fall!  Because the season is a Glorious Gift from God!  It’s a time of bountiful harvest so we have tasty food for the winter months.  It’s a time for slowing down to admire the Majesty of God’s world.  What a CREATIVE God we have!  Look at the variety of trees and leaves, or how many varieties of apples there are.  Take the time to enjoy these moments!  And most of all, as the weather cools, and shifts to the warmth of fires and inside, God gives us the Blessings of Family and Friends.  Enjoy!


  • Take a walk and enjoy God’s creation!
  • If you have kids, do fun fall crafty projects.
  • Pull out your favorite cool weather clothes.
  • Enjoy the warmth of a cozy fire.
  • Get together with loved Ones for a Fall Feast – include your favorite Fall foods.
  • Don’t forget your favorite Fall drinks, whether it’s hot chocolate, apple cider or pumpkin spice!
  • Incorporate FLANNEL into your Life!  – Shirts, blankets, decorations, sheets!
  • Get fresh produce from a local farm or Farmer’s Market.  It will be well worth it!
  • Play in the leaves.
  • Get some real or fake sunflowers for your Home.
  • Bake SOMETHING tasty with cinnamon!
  • Sit outside of an evening and enjoy the crisp air with the stars above.  Harvest moons are great to see, especially at moonrise!
  • Play a game of tag football with Family and Friends.

The list could go on forever because we all have special memories and things we like about Autumn.  So make your own bucket list of things to do this season!  But may I please encourage you that whatever you do, remember to thank God for it?  And ENJOY IT WITH HIM!!!!  Whether you’re curled up all toasty warm under a blanket sipping hot tea and reading your favorite book, or having a picnic under the beautiful colored leaves, God wants to share it with you!!!!  He MADE these Blessings for you because He loves you so much!  And they are even more special for both of you when you are sharing them!

Happy Fall! -Billie


Autumn Blessings and Pumpkin Spice found on Pinterest

Flannel Blankets from

Autumn Walk from Piotr Wytrazek

Candle Bonfire found on Indoor Camping Party