Cool Stuff!

Here’s a page of links to some of my favorite things!


The President’s speech from “Independence Day”

Aragorn’s Speech from “The Lord of the Rings- the Return of the King”

I LOVE these artists!

Annie Dunn creates breathtaking pictures that I absolutely LOVE!  This is my favorite picture because it shows with vivid color how HAPPY I am to be alive!

 kokecit on deviantart creates the MOST MAGNIFICENT images that speak to the Soul about God’s Love for us.

My husband just gave me THE MOST WONDERFUL coloring book!  Please go check out Brian Kesinger.  His books are available on Amazon.


A song to warm my heart, and remind me that I am never alone; I am always surrounded by LOVE!

No Matter Where You Are – I’ll Be There!

These are a few places In Japan that I would LOVE to go visit in my lifetime!!!!!



Because who WOULDN’T want to go see Mickey and Minnie Mouse in kimonos, while enjoying cutsie foods and seeing Japan’s take on all our favorite rides at Disneyland Tokyo

Studio Ghibli Museum because I LOVE “Howl’s Moving Castle” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service.”  All of Miasaki’s movies have such beautiful imagery; just think how gorgeous the museum will be?

And I LOVE this picture of penguins swimming overhead in the bright sunshine at Sunshine Aquarium

  As my daughter will tell you, she grew up reading EVERYTHING, including every book she could find on mythology.  Myth Dancer  is her blog where she shares her Love of mythology and fairy tales from around the world.  She has also written a Trilogy of books about mythology in the modern age.  Her first book, “Hammerfall,” deals with Norse mythology and Thor’s Hammer.  The second book, “Lovesick,” centers around Greek mythology and Aphrodite.  And my favorite of the Trilogy, “Treebound,” pulls in many mythologies but primarily Celtic.  Please go check out her blog!

  In honor of Summer movies, and Adventure, why don’t you host a Pirates Party?  Watch pirate movies all week.  I like “Nate and Hayes” with Tommy Lee Jones.  And of course there’s “Pirates of the Caribbean”– both the movies, and the ride at Disneyland!  Play pirate games!  We like Morgans Revenge, which is easy-peasy like a dreidl game.  Morgans Revenge  If you need more treasure for games and decoration then spray paint tons of rocks gold!  And here’s a link to some cute party ideas that can be modified for any age!  I LOVE the map! Jake and the Neverland Pirates

ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR MATIES!  Have ye some fun with yer Pirate Party!


These are my friends over at Texas Hold’em With Zombies. You can also check them out on their Facebook page!  Their game is so much fun to play, and I don’t even know how to play poker very well.  Plus, it’s a Family and Friend run business, and THEY ARE ALL GREAT PEOPLE!!!



That’s all the links for now, but check back often for more cool stuff!