About Me


     Hi!- My name is Billie, and I Love God with my whole heart!  He made me wonderfully unique and creative, and I want to share that with the world as I Celebrate Him!  I am a Princess of God, and His Beloved Daughter.  (Thus the lovely Princess dress I wore for my 50th Birthday Ball.  And YES, it is PINK because I LOVE pink!  Don’t let it scare you; I like other colors too.)

sc fandom geek       I am quirky, geeky and a glorious mish-mash of all kinds of interesting things.  (In case you are wondering what I mean by being Geeky, here are a few things that help me describe it.  The Fandom Life image was created by Risa Rodil.)  I know it’s a surprise, but I Love to write!  And I am a sucker for good stories- whether they are told, read in books, seen in movies or on TV, heard in songs or just lived!  They touch my heartstrings, and resonate with God for me.  I grew up with Wonderful World of Disney, John Wayne movies, and Knights in Shining Armor.  I belong to a family of gamers and storytellers.  sc simon pegg geek

    I am also a crafter. I make quilts, and sew costumes, paint and draw, and work on scrapbooks.  I recently discovered Bible Art Journaling, which is SO ME!!!  In all these things, I Celebrate God and His Love.  So needless to say, parties and celebrations are also very important to me!  I LOVE having themes parties, and will be sharing cool ideas with you in the future so stay tuned.

sc smores 3     I am a people person. I Love people- hanging out with them, helping them, encouraging them and Loving on them. I tend to “adopt” people of all ages, and enjoying just being with people. (I inherited that from my Dad, but also from Jesus because He too loved hanging out with people. I can just imagine Him relaxing with His Disciples over a campfire, maybe even making s’mores.) 

      My family is MOST WONDERFUL!  (They are just as geeky as I am, if not more so.)  I married my College Sweetheart over 30 years ago, and we have been Best Friends since we first met.  There has been much joy in our lives but hardships and trials along the way too.  Yet through it all, we grow more and more in Love, and life is still an Adventure together.  We have two adult kids who were weened on games, “Lord of the Rings” and the “Star Wars” movies.  We did both public school and Homeschooling for each kid.  We have gone through medical issues and food allergies but also much Joy because God has always been with us taking care of us.

“He (God) reached down from heaven and took me and drew me out of my great trials.  He rescued me from deep waters.”  -Psalm 18:16 

     So there you have it, folks! You now know a bit more about me. And now you can’t say that you haven’t been forewarned!


Oh, and we have two cute kitties, an adorable lab- dachshund mix puppy and a red- necked slider turtle. Life is good!



In case you hadn’t guessed, I LOVE LIGHT!!!!  I see God’s Radiance blazing forth in all kinds of Light!  Growing up, candlelight held a special magic in my heart filling me with Peace.  And Sunlight shining on my face warms my very soul!

Several times, God has given me the Precious Gift of being at the right place at the right time at Disneyland to see the MAGNIFICENT display of His Love showering down upon me in fireworks.  I am always brought to tears as His all-encompassing Love washes over me!

I feel the same way when I see Christmas Lights, and when I got to see the Crown Jewels in London!  WOW!  When I have felt God’s Presence surrounding me, it is often that of shimmering Light embracing me.  Sometimes it’s even PINK SPARKLES of Light!

And you can imagine my Joy when “Tangled” came out!  The unimaginable beauty of all those lanterns blazing forth with Light overwhelms me always with the Father’s Love!  And this past year I was blessed to go with my Dear Friend to actually witness the Glory!

When I got my Master’s Degree, I held a Party/Revival in my back yard.  We rocked the house with a fast, upbeat version of “I Saw the Light & I’ll Fly Away.”  And I shared the message that no matter how dark Life seems around us, God’s Light continues to shine.  And He uses others filled with His Light to dispel the darkness within us.  The visual of candles being lit by each guest as they arrived spoke louder than words!

I hope this message reminds you that as much as we value Light in our lives, God freely shines His Light upon us always because He Loves us so much!

Blessings,  -Billie